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My Story…

While I currently call the NC mountains my home, I was not born in NC and I’m proud to hail from the deep, deep south.  Growing up just outside of New Orleans, LA, I was exposed to a very diverse range of culture, art, music, food and personalities. If you’ve never been to NOLA, it’s a place full of life where you make a new friend every 10 feet and everyone embodies a fictional character. So naturally, I love getting to know new people and having an impromptu beer or coffee is as natural as saying hello.

I left Louisiana in 2005 and spent the next 10 years in the Durham, NC area getting a degree in Fine Art and Art History at UNC-CH, taking advantage of all that the hipster mecca that is Durham has to offer and learning what I truly love and value in life. Durham, NC wasn’t it. No matter how much I wanted to love the Triangle, I ultimately found my life there unfulfilling. I wasn’t on my path and I knew I had to make a change. Thus, in 2016 after parting ways with my old life and positioning myself for a major life change, I took a HUGE leap and moved to Boone, NC… and I never looked back.

In the NC mountains, I’ve found (and worked to build) the life that I’ve always wanted. I’m happily settled into a groove of photography, non-profit work at the Blowing Rock Art & History Museum and home-life with my partner of 3-years and fellow photographer Jason and our fiesty (and cuddly) dog Remi. I’ve also cultivated an extremely talented and dedicated friend group of other fellow wedding vendors via High South Event Professionals. My life has taken a 180 in the last couple of years, but I’ve found a path that I’m proud to call my own and that allows me to pursue my dreams as well as take care of myself and my little family.

My Work

I believe that great photography is an experience. With my work, I aim for my couples to have fun, laugh, and experience the adventure that a photography session can be. I want to get you laughing during your shoot, and thus, a lot of my photography involves prompting my clients vs. the more traditional staged posing. My delivered product includes a mix of candids and the posed shots, images that include you looking at the camera and many that do not. I also love finding beautiful, outdoor locations for shoots. Some of my favorite spots include Rough Ridge, the Lump, Beacon Heights, and Julian Price Park -- the Blue Ridge Parkway offers lots of options!

Photography has been a part of my life since I was a kid. Looking back, I have endless boxes of prints made with a point-and-shoot camera as a child. Ironically, I didn’t begin pursuing photography seriously until 2009 when I entered the fine art program at UNC. During my time in the Art Department in Chapel Hill, I fell in love with fine art and film photography and found my niche in medium format color photography (yes, I know. I am a photography nerd). I still adore film as a medium and am looking to build my professional film portfolio in 2018.

When I'm not shooting a wedding or session, you can find me out and about looking for inspiration. I'm always searching for new material, be it on a walk around my neighborhood, while hiking to a mountaintop or backpacking. Thus, curating an afternoon outside with my clients is my goal.

My Why…

I’m a very determined person. I’m super type-A and the first page of a journal, snuggling up with my planner and checking to-do boxes are some of the most pleasing things in life (I know. I know). BUT I also believe that working hard should be followed up with playing hard. For me that means weekends off, long hikes and time spent making art as I’m a painter and musician. My friends are also VERY important to my; however, I am an introverted extrovert so down time and reflection is equally as important.

The #1 thing that drives me as a wedding photographer is that I love getting to know people. My clients often wind up as friends and follow me on social media where we can connect, share ideas and also stay in touch. Part of being a native Louisianian, I meet people easily and I’m pretty good at going with the flow. Thus, while I provide a service and a unique style, I love rising to the challenge of my clients’ vision of their wedding day and thrive in a collaborative environment.

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